Liberty is the first medical device designed for all hospitals and clinics involved with treating patients suffering from mobility impairments, enabling speedy rehabilitation, avoiding cumulative problems, and increasing patients’ overall confidence.


Liberty is developing the first device enabling all kind of therapeutic movements directly on the bed of patients, removing thus the need for transfer to other structures, in a non-invasive way that allows patients to be comfortable and, most importantly, independent. Liberty will solve a vital problem common to individuals affected by mobility impairments (e.g. SLA, Duchenne, tetraplegia, paraplegia, stroke, coma, etc.) by introducing a simple and revolutionary device. The main purpose of Liberty is to provide these individuals with body rehabilitation functions controlled by a physiotherapy expert, helping them at the same time to acquire independence and to choose the level of movement of their body. With Liberty, for the first time patients will manage to decided themselves when to be lifted or moved in their beds, providing them increased comfort, allowing them to overcome the mobility ‘threshold’, and helping them to improve – step by step – their overall performance and QoL.


Liberty is the brainchild of Antonio Sampaio who, together with the team, designed the solution in the month of August 2016.

Antonio Sampaio
Antonio Sampaio


Niklaus Stocker
Niklaus Stocker


Eduardo Feo
Eduardo Feo



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